Shropshire Hills Federation - Chirbury, Norbury, Stiperstones

Our School Vision - Chirbury

Our Vision
Chirbury CE Primary School and Busy Bees Nursery is committed to providing outstanding education and opportunities for all of it pupils and excellent and fulfilling career opportunities for its staff members.  We work as team for the benefit of all children, to ensure that they are given a secure and stable foundation for their lives, valuing all aspects of learning equally.
We recognise and appreciate the unique nature of our rural environment: both the opportunities it presents for the development of a healthy, active lifestyle and the challenges associated with rural isolation and deprivation.  Our ethos strives to maximise use of the outdoors to develop children’s confidence and independence whilst providing a wide range of additional experiences to ensure that all children understand the wider world and grow up as ambitious young people with high aspirations for future academic and career opportunities.  The local community is important to our school and nursery, and we aspire to develop strong links with the different groups within it to promote pride in our community and pride in our school.
As a Church of England School, we actively promote high moral standards and values in order for children to grow and develop into citizens who make positive contributions to society.  We respect equally the beliefs of families with a Christian faith, with different faiths and cultures, and those with no faith. 

 Our Key Aims

  • To ensure that all children are safe, secure and nurtured to bring out the best in them.
  • To provide the outstanding education that every child deserves.
  • For children to be happy and excited in their learning and play.
  • To develop a culture of respect, tolerance and understanding.
  • To ensure that every child is treated as an individual and respect their differences.
  • To develop a life-long love of learning and the natural curiosity of children.
  • To develop confidence by promoting a working environment where mistakes are valued as an essential part of learning, and perseverance and resilience are recognised as essential life skills.
  • To promote healthy lifestyles for children and adults, being concerned for physical and mental well-being. 
  • To be adventurous and enjoy the outdoors: to enjoy and value the natural world.
  • To develop independence.
  • For children to be well prepared for the stages of learning and life which follow primary education.
  • For adults to have high expectations of children; high aspirations for their own career development; and to be good role models for our children.