Shropshire Hills Federation - Chirbury, Norbury, Stiperstones

Class 3 - Years 3 & 4

Mrs Sally-Anne Jones
Ms Fay Oakley

Teaching Assistant: 

Ms Jayne Sockett



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In Class Three we have Years Three and Four, who learn together through our exciting, creative, topic based curriculum. We have high expectations of children and what they can achieve, and support them to always achieve to the best of their ability.


We believe in practical learning and value all subjects equally, along with children’s varied skills and interests, both in and out of school. Children have the opportunity to develop their musical, artistic and sporting skills, often with the benefit of specialist teachers and coaches.

We continue to develop children’s learning and love of learning; promoting high standards of basic skills whilst also making sure that children are fully engaged in the development of independent learning and ability to research for themselves.


We follow a two year rolling programme for science and topic based learning as well as additional mini-topics. Some of our topics include: Invaders and Settlers, Romans, Local Area Study, Food Glorious Food, The Mayans and South America, and The Egyptians. In Class Three we work hard whilst having a great deal of fun.


Mrs Jones