Shropshire Hills Federation - Chirbury, Norbury, Stiperstones

Class 3 - Year 3 & 4

Mrs Catherine Lewis
Mrs Rebecca Sockett

Teaching Assistant: 

Mrs Kirsty Venables
Miss Carly Roberts


Key Stage Two Curriculum

Year 3 and 4

Class Two is where you will find the hardworking Year 3 and Year 4 children. The creative curriculum is topic based and runs on a two year cycle. We try to make learning practical and fun, while ensuring we cover the National Curriculum requirements. There is a teaching assistant in the classroom every morning and some afternoons. The children are all encouraged to reach their potential, whilst being supported when needed.


English and maths are taught in the mornings; English is linked to the topic as much as possible. The afternoons are time to be creative and we cover the non-core subjects such as art, music and French. One afternoon a week is devoted to science. The children are happy, safe and always ready to learn. They are really supportive of one another and always ready to help each other out.


Mrs Lewis