Shropshire Hills Federation - Chirbury, Norbury, Stiperstones

Federation Ethos

Our ethos is simple and applicable to all children and adults: be the best that you can be, at all times and in everything that you do.  Maintain your individuality and opinions, whilst being part of an outstanding and supportive team.  Anything worthwhile is likely to be hard work and at times you may feel that you will never achieve your aim, and be tempted to give up.  Don’t, anything is possible if you work hard and ask for help when you need it.  Give help to anyone who asks for it, but more importantly look out for those who don’t ask for help, they may need it more.  Never be afraid to make mistakes; we all learn more from trying something new or more challenging for ourselves, especially if it takes several attempts to fully succeed.  Value everyone’s attempts to succeed and encourage them if things do not immediately go to plan.  Respect everyone and everything; difference is a good thing, to be encouraged and nurtured. Everyone is entitled to express their own beliefs and values, as long as those views are respectful of the beliefs of all others.  Outstanding learning takes place in many ways; not everything is written down and practical experiences help most people to learn well and enjoy what they do.  Always be happy, help others to be happy, and enjoy what you do.